The Dry Guy System

Proudly Made In USA!

The Dry Guy – Wetsaw Containment system simplifies the job site, creates a more efficient work environment and reduces the time a job takes. The Dry Guy allows you to operate your wetsaw indoors near the job site while keep the surrounding area clean and of course dry.


Did you know?

  • With the Dry Guy, you no longer need to pack your existing wetsaw stand.
  • The Dry Guy allows for recirculation of water from the drain receptacle back into the saw tray, simplifying the job site where water is scarce.
  • The Dry Guy - Collapsed - StorageThe Dry Guy is also and outstanding surface to place hand tools like a tape measure or can even be used to lean a tile to drip dry!

Not only is the Dry Guy practical during use, it’s also easy to transport and storage is simple with the collapsing design.