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Are people happy with the Dry Guy?

We recently purchased this product and it’s already made a big improvement on the job site. Both my crew and subcontractors were impressed with the quality of the equipment, but most importantly my customers were impressed with the lengths we go to protect their home. Now we can place our wet saw in a convenient location, close to our work, rather than outside or in a garage. Thanks for solving a problem with overspray water damage we faced for 30 years with one piece of equipment.

~Joe Constantine of Constantine Builders Inc, Amsterdam, New York.

Don’t take our word for it, check this out! We here at Abbruzzi Tile and Marble want to thank you and let you know how pleased we are about your product. We use your product every time we set up our wet saw, not just for interior use but also exterior. It gives us a professional appearance and keeps our clients? property free from over spray and water stains on driveways. We would recommend everyone in our industry to make it a must have tool. Again we thank you for giving our company a high profile appearance because of your product.

~James Abbruzzese of Abbruzzi Tile and Marble, Blue Point, New York

I have owned a Dry Guy system for many years now and absolutely love it. This system is especially great during the cold winter months when being outside in the garage and cold just isn’t practical. Since I’m in the process of expanding my business, I just purchased 2 more systems to have for the ease of installing the jobs. I would highly recommend The Dry Guy to anyone accept for my competitors.

~Jerry Maraz of Maraz tile, Mansfeild,Ohio.